Thursday, 9 February 2012

Moving with Baby

As if moving weren't stressful enough, throw a 7 month old in the mix and it's a whole new level of mind bending.
We are taking possession of our first home on March 8, and the countdown is on. We are really welcoming this change, as we are and have been living in a one bedroom apartment with Mason since he joined the fam. It wasn't so hard at first, as I would have had him in the bedroom with us anyway for the first few months. But now this kid has an agenda of his own, and it really interferes with my sleeping. How rude is that? Let him live rent free, doesn't have to do any chores, gets whatever he wants, and thinks 5:30am is a good time to start rocking out 4 feet from my bed.
It was also so much easier when he was a little lump, as little lumps don't come with a lot of stuff. His favorite things in life were my breasts, and they were already residing here, so they only took up a little more space than usual. We made pleas with family and friends to hold off on all the toys and everything else that comes with baby until we moved. But Baby's first Christmas plus Grandparents first Christmas with a baby (I am an only child) equals a house full of toys, books, play mats, blankets, and so on. I now understand why whenever Auntie Tif showed up with another toy for my nieces and nephews, parents would give me stink eye.
So now not only do we have to move all our stuff, but his giant collection of things that have a sole purpose of collecting drool.
The moving is not even what's causing the sleepless nights, it's the renovations we are trying to complete pre-move, and the concern about where and who I am going to donate this baby to. My biggest concern is not how our house is going to look (although that is probably number 2 or three on the list) but how I am going to keep Ma$e on a regular schedule.
Gonna try and live in the moment (not good at that) and not stress too much about the future (professional at that). I'm sure everything will work out, and a few more sleepless nights will only get me closer to that Scout Badge I am going for.

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