Monday, 13 February 2012

The S word

None of us are getting enough of it, and those who say they do are lying. It disappears from your life about the same time your feet do in pregnancy, and you hope and pray it will return to your life one day. You daydream about it, wonder daily when you will get it again, and compete with your parent friends to see who is getting less of it. Clearly I am talking about sleep, so get your mind out of the gutter. If you are able to squeeze the other S word into your new life with baby, kudos to you.
Sleep is always not far from my thoughts, and every night when I fall asleep I say a little prayer to Mason asking him to sleep one hour longer, not wake at 5:30, not poop himself awake, etc. I am now also blessed with the bladder the size of a marble, and the thirst of an elephant.
Last night Tyler and I were doing our ninja stealth dance into bed when Ma$e dawg decided to wake up. This dance takes place nightly, as when sharing a bedroom with a baby you are always trying to be more quiet than your partner. That way you can point and scowl at them for causing the baby to rustle. At least that's how it rolls here.
So when the baby woke up last night at 9:30, we were caught a little off guard. He will usually shimmy shake a bit, but not wake. So here we are, me crouched behind his change table trying to change into my pj's, and Tyler hiding under the covers pretending to sleep. Who's in charge here? I then slink into bed hoping he won't notice me. Hoping the child on hands and knees screaming bloody murder while making direct eye contact with me will not notice me. Now I don't know if you've tried crying really loud and having your eyes wide open, but it is a real challenge, and he has mastered it. We tried ignoring him, but again, loud baby, 4 feet away does not go ignored for long. So he won the battle, got a boob, and all was silent again. All except for my mind and bladder. Those are always running on overdrive. This house can't come soon enough!

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  1. Wow! So we're not the only ones that tip toe around trying to avoid waking up the baby? He doesn't even sleep in our room and we do that stealth ninja dance you and Tyler do. So far tonight, since I put Carson down to sleep at 630pm, he was woken up twice screaming and it's only 830pm now. Our boys don't seem to know what sleep means. They are both lucky they're cute!!!