Thursday, 5 April 2012

Life at Home

Time is not on my side as of late. Looking back at this blog, my last post was almost a month ago, and it feels like yesterday!
We have been in our home for almost 2 weeks now, our baby is almost 9 months, I have been with Tyler almost 9 years. It must be aging, cause time really does fly as you get older. Or maybe it flies by when you have more things to live for.
My darling son has made some big leaps in the last month, so moving into a house has come at the right time. He has been army crawling around for awhile now, but the speed in which he can drag his little body has increased dramatically. We have been baby proofing the new house as we go, so it's really nice to let him have free reign of his room and not worry about eating clumps of cat fur, kleenex, etc.
Here is an older video while still at the apartment of Mason harassing Maxx pre bed time.
He has started swimming lessons with his little buddy from up the street. He is the big kid in the class, which I think is something he is going to have to get used to. He is also having some very elaborate conversations (mostly at us, not with us) and learning new sounds and facial expressions daily that make me almost pee my pants. With all of these new developments I am realizing that he is moving into toddler hood and will soon be off and running.
It's funny how things that I used to take for granted are things that I am longing for now. I miss when Mason would only nap when we were in bed together. I miss when he would fall back to sleep when I nursed him in bed and we would get an extra 30 minutes of morning sleep. I miss when he was a useless little lump that I could leave in the middle of the room and know where he would be when I returned.
But times they are a changing! I am now planning a birthday party (not legit planning, just thinking about it) for a one year old! Today I had a meeting to discuss my return to work. Arranging childcare. Planning for other babies. All the things that seemed so far away are now creeping up on me and they are not being stealthy about it.
With all of life rushing by, it makes me want to take time to stop and smell the baby heads.

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