Saturday, 28 April 2012

What I Like About You

I have taken much in over the last few days and weeks  I am trying to enjoy life with a baby as much as possible before I go back to work and my time with him is limited.  I recently read a blog post from a friend that she had written and thought "That's exactly what I have been feeling."
That's not uncommon for she and I, as we seem to roll though the ebbs and flows of babyhood together.  Every time Mason is acting like a jerk I can call her and sure enough her kid is up to the same drama.  It's nice to have someone suffering with me.
So I have really been trying to listen to all those people that say to sit back and relax, enjoy the time, they are only babies for a short while.  I have tried throughout my boy's short time on earth to live in the moment and enjoy each and every day.  But let me tell you, there are some days when I am not enjoying much and if he wiggles away from me one more time while I am trying to strap him into his diaper I swear I will sell him.  And not even to the highest bidder.  Just for a tank of gas or some groceries.
But no matter how much of a dick he is being, all that baby has to do is smile or laugh and he has me wrapped around his little finger.  Below, a list of some of the things that make me smile about my baby.
1) When he is nursing and puts his fingers near in my mouth and smiles so big that my breast falls out of his super suction hold.
2)  He laughs likes the word Booger is the greatest joke ever.
3)  He will never say no to a dance party around the living room to old house music.
4)  He eats like a champ.
5)  His super soft spot (there's only one left, the excema is still bad) under his chin that when it is kissed he laughs like a hyena.
6)  He loves his mama, and when something happens to make him cry, no one else will suffice.
7)  He would rather read, eat, or rip a book than watch tv.
8)  He likes to play music for me (of the pots and pans variety) while I clean.
9)  He enjoys the great outdoors, and when in a foul mood, a little air makes him (and I) feel better.
10)  He's friggin cute!
So it's these things that keep me going.  When the dishes are everywhere, I am in my pajamas at 3 pm, I have just had a spoonful of mush thrown at me I will focus on the awesome and not the awful.  I will call my friends when I need to vent and have them talk me down.  I will say yes when someone offers to watch the baby so I can nap (anyone, feel free to jump in and offer).  Mostly I will savour this boy that is a little piece of me.  Try and remind me of this when I have mush in my hair.

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